Wioraroad Publishing is committed to publishing great books; written by talented, enthusiastic authors.

We embrace the technological advances in electronic publishing and focus strongly on publishing books that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We encourage new and unpublished authors to submit, as well as previously published authors with new material, or with older manuscripts whose rights have returned exclusively to the author.


Accepting Submissions in…

We are currently accepting submissions in the following genres, however, if your genre isn’t here, email us and tell us about your book and we will get back to you with a request to submit or a polite “No Thank You”.


All genres of fiction (see examples below) and the myriad of subgenres within those:

  • Mystery
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • Crime/Detective
  • Horror
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance


  • Memoirs
  • Biographies
  • Self Help Guides

Target Audiences

Adult fiction and nonfiction
Young Adult (15-20 year olds)
Teen (12- 15 year olds)
Tween (8-12 year olds)

We are also accepting a limited number of Graphic Novels, Children’s Books and Cook Books.


Submission Guidelines

Send three (3) chapters and a synopsis with a covering letter giving a brief introduction.

Please ensure your manuscript is proof read and edited to a good standard. If your manuscript is accepted it will undergo professional editing, but it is always good to present your best work when seeking publication.

Formatting should be in a font that is easily read, preferably with single or 1.5 spacing.

Please indicate if you would like general feedback in the event your manuscript is not accepted.

Please also indicate if your manuscript is submitted to any other publisher.


Submit your work

To submit your work, you can complete this form or send us an email.

We strongly recommend that you submit electronically as this is the quickest, easiest and safest way for your work to get to us. If you prefer sending hardcopy, please allow extra time for us to receive, assess and respond.

After submission, please allow 3-4 weeks for us to contact you. If you haven’t heard back from us after that time, feel free to send us an email (or a letter- those are lovely too)- we don’t mind! Whether we feel your manuscript is right for us or not, we will contact you to let you know.

  • Please upload three (3) chapters and a synopsis with a covering letter giving a brief introduction.
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